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Real Farm Seedling Institute specializes in providing banana seedlings (Cavendish) in the domestic area and nationwide delivery in large quantities. In addition, we also supply and export Green Banana products to your countries.

Our products meet export standards to ensure no pesticide residues.


In the first stage when planting South American bananas, people need to pay attention to soil preparation, choose varieties, plant trees on the ground with a reasonable planting distance, the amount of water, fertilizer and how to care for the plants to be healthy and thrive, resistant to disease. with pests. Real Farm would like to share the basic techniques in the early stages as follows:

Land preparation:

 + Land after reclaiming, pick up all the roots on the garden.

 + Plow pan 4

 + Plow pan 7 to make the soil loose

 + Proceed to plow the 4th pan to turn the bed upside down or use a digger to cultivate the bed (pull the bed) 3m wide, 0.5-1m high (depending on the land).

Criteria for selecting seedlings to plant:

 + Seedlings are tissue culture plants and must be certified to be disease free. Bananas have high uniformity, healthy, 20 - 25cm tall, stem diameter from 1.0 - 1.5cm. Remove deformed, discolored, and diseased plants.

+ Treatment of seedlings before planting: to prevent fungal diseases at the seedling stage by dipping the potting into the solution of Ridomil Gold 68WG concentration of 0.1%

(10g/liter of water) or watering, spraying a solution of the drug directly into the planter's pot, and the pot is wet after 1 hour, then bring the seedling to plant.

Plant a tree:

- Sticking: Plug positioning stakes so that the plants are aligned vertically and horizontally.

- Fertilizer: 3-5kg of manure/plant, 7-10 days before planting.

- Tarpaulin cabinet: After fertilizing the manure, install the irrigation system and tarpaulin cabinet (in the dry season install the irrigation system first, then the tarpaulin cabinet, in the rainy season vice versa), use 2 1.5m tarpaulins for the upper 1. bed, put the stake back in the old position.

- Drilling holes: Use a hoe to hoe a small hole 25cm wide, apply 150g of phosphate fertilizer mixed with topsoil and plant the tree.

- How to plant: When planting, use a knife to make a longitudinal incision of the pot to pull the plastic bag out of the pot, place the banana tree upright in the soil and fill it with soil to the side of the pot, water. Plant 3-5cm deeper than the pot surface to prevent the tree from falling in the wind.

Planting distance

 + Planting in pairs, the distance from the center of one bed to the center of the other is 6m, the plants are 1.5m apart from the trees in the row, and the two rows are 1.5m apart.


 + Spray herbicide once in a 3m trench (between 2 beds) after tarpaulin and before planting.

 + Then periodically sprayed every 2 months with herbicides in the 3m trench.

Watering to keep moisture:

It is necessary to have a watering system in the dry season and drainage in the rainy months to avoid prolonged flooding. Bananas need a lot of water, the average amount of water is 15-20 liters/day, 2-3 times/week. Seedlings about 5 liters/day and water continuously for 30 days. Depending on the weather, adjust so that the soil moisture always reaches 70-80%.

Prune buds, choose young shoots:

- Bananas with many shoots will be weak, and the chambers and fruits will be small. Therefore, it is necessary to prune the buds every month. However, it is necessary to keep the seed for the next crop, so keep one root and 1 bud, choose the strongest bud at the 5th or 6th month of the mother plant.

- Choose seedlings to keep: 30 - 50 cm tall, with full set of foliage (leaves, sword leaves), big, strong, red stems, and 10-15 cm away from the mother plant. Prefer to keep the trees in the same uniformity in the same plot and in the same direction across the row.

- Along with pruning, we also have to cut off dead leaves, diseased leaves, and broken leaves. Clean garden.

Fertilization, care:

- Fertilizer in the KTCB period is applied 5 times (according to the fertilizer table).

- Spray pesticides and diseases once a month.

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