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Export of green bananas

Export of green bananas

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Technical requirements when exporting bananas to Korea, Japan, China,…:

The sensory criteria of bananas for export must comply with the prescribed requirements:

Target name


1. Appearance

Bananas must be intact, grow naturally, not crushed, broken or rotten. Fruit skin and fruit stalks must be green, dry, clean, and the fruit must not be tanned, darkened, blackened and sticky with plastic.

It is allowed to have old scars during the fruit growth process, soot marks, slight scratches caused by pests and diseases, but without affecting the quality and appearance of the fruit; The total area of ​​the above-mentioned spots should not exceed 3cm2 on the surface of each fruit and not more than 1/3 of the fruits are scattered in a bunch.

New scratches due to light mechanical impact (do not cause fruit rot during storage and transportation) are allowed, but not more than 1/3 of the number of fruits in each bag and on each fruit the total area of ​​the marks should not exceed more than one third. 3cm2, scratch length not more than 3cm. Bananas must be cut into bunches close to the stem, completely removing the body of the chamber. Banana stalks must be dry, the cross-section must be scarred, and it is not allowed to pack bananas with rotten stalks or with leftover stems. Stalks should be treated with suitable disinfectants to prevent stem rot.

2. Ripeness

Bananas must reach the ripeness of the harvest (with an age of 75 - 85%) with specific manifestations as:

  • The pods are green or bright green
  • The edge of the banana is a bit round, but the edge is clear
  • Hardness: hand press does not sink
  • The peel is still attached to the fruit and is difficult to peel
  • The flesh of the fruit must be firm, break easily, be ivory white, the sap must be sticky and clear
  • As for the acrid taste, there is no characteristic smell of ripe bananas.


The size and weight criteria of banana pepper for export must comply with the prescribed requirements:

Target name


1. Fruit length in cm, (taking the average of the top 3 fruits of the curve above the fruit) is not less than…

(No less than 13 cm long fruit is allowed for winter bananas in the North and bananas harvested in the third quarter in the South).


2. Fruit diameter in cm, (measured at the cross section between the fruits of the top 3 fruits of the bunch) not less than…


3. Weight of each bag in kg, not less than…



Pest and disease criteria: Fresh pepper bananas for export must conform to the inspection requirements of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and be free from pests and diseases as stipulated in the contract.

Standards for exporting bananas to Japan and other countries must comply with their own standards.

Standards for exporting bananas to the US and European countries:

  • Big banana has a nice shape, long and slightly curved
  • Bananas must be intact, grow naturally, not bruised, broken or cracked. Do not allow double adhesion, deformity. When ripe, the skin is thin, bright yellow
  • The left small chamber peduncle faces the chamber into a cylinder. The banana stem cut must be dry, not darkened and must be treated with suitable preservative chemicals to avoid spoilage and stem rot.
  • The pods must be fresh, dry and clean. Do not allow the pods to be tanned, blackened, sticky with plastic, or dusty.
  • Bananas for export must reach the ripeness of harvest (with an age of 75-80%), specifically showing a green or bright green skin.
  • The flesh of the fruit is yellow, flexible, sweet and has a characteristic aroma
  • The flesh of the fruit is hard, firm, easy to break, and has an ivory-yellow color
  • The edge of the banana is slightly rounded but clear; The peel sticks to the fruit and is difficult to peel
  • Bananas are cut into bunches or bunches depending on the requirements of the commercial contract and cut close to the stem, removing the whole chamber.
  • When breaking the fruit has sticky and clear plastic silk, the resin does not flow into drops
  • It is allowed to prune no more than 2 damaged fruits in a bunch, but does not affect the general appearance of the banana bunch.

Bananas are carefully packed in cartons, then packed into containers and maintained at a temperature of + 13 → 13.5 degrees Celsius, ventilation 25, humidity 50-60%.

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