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Yellow Banana

Yellow Banana

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Description: Banana changes color from dark green to yellow when ripe, the flesh is ivory white or yellow, soft, starchy when ripe. Yellow banana is when the banana is ripe. When ripe, bananas will have a very delicious taste, soft, flexible and sweet

Nutritional value: rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6. Saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium in bananas are low. In addition, bananas have many other benefits.

Season: Yellow bananas are available all year round. In Vietnam, bananas are always available for sale.

Storage: store at 25 degrees Celsius or refrigerator, avoid high temperature. Yellow bananas can be stored for a week.

Usage: Peel, then eat fresh or mix in salads, ice cream, and use in some desserts.

Quality: We provide Viet GAP standard yellow bananas

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